Building Business Credit

Entrepreneurs max their credit to build their business, then trash their credit and run out of cash flow to continue that growth. It is this catch-22 that causes many of us to sink our personal credit score into the realm of embarrassment. It is time to build business credit. Business credit allows bigger cash funding options, removes the toll on your personal credit use. A win/win for you, your business, and your future.

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Stop taxing your personal credit to build your business, then trashing your personal score and limiting future business growth. Establish and build business credit now. I will show you how.



Trudy Marley Beerman

It’s true - I am credentialled in the finance space, achieved the highest rank in one of my companies, and followed by more than 27K fans; but what most people do not know is - there was a time when I would peak out my window expecting to see the repo man, and grateful for help from my parents to feed my kids. I am Trudy Beerman. I provide strategies that help the small business owner fund their expansion by building business credit, improve their personal credit to a 720+ score, so they become debt free, outrageously profitable, and joyfully generous. I know the catch 22 we experience and have made strides to build the bridge we all so urgently need. We tend to make more money than the average W2 employee, but we write everything off in taxes and now our tax records limit our ability to say - qualify for a home loan. We max our personal credit to build the business, then we limit that build because our credit is destroyed. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! I bring certified credentials, prayer, love, my testimony, my ever increasing maturity in Christ, and my experiences to the consulting table. Check out my signature CASHercise(TM) program and get out of the handouts line, and lead in impacting lives by being in a position to offer a hand UP! Don’t just take my word on this. Trudy is an author and the VP of Profitable Stewardship, Inc., an educational consulting firm where Christian income earners grow, manage, protect and generously give from the resources God put under their control. If this is you, LET’S CONNECT! There are too many Christians in line for a handout and not enough in a position to offer a hand UP. We want to be – and lead the faithful to the realm of more, of abundance, of prosperity; the place where joyful, generous giving is easy and impactful. We are convinced, prosperity is not an entitlement, but it is within reach of us all. This is not a prosperity gospel site, nor do we ascribe to a path of poverty. We believe in effectively managing the time, talent, temple (body) and temple God has given us, to enjoy a harvest of treasure, from which we give back to God what is His, and generously to those in need. “Well done, good and faithful servant. “His master replied. “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” Matthew 25:23. I am an Ordained Minister, the Biblical Stewardship Auditor who surgically dissects the Christian income earner’s life, challenges their status quo and partners with God to help reinforce bold courage, Biblical operating standards, and a laser-focus on having a profitable return to whatever God puts under your control.