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Shopping Therapy?

Shopping Therapy?

Apparently, shopping is a favorite therapeutic choice of the very broke.

Make a point of not judging a book by its cover, and who knows the story of how people end up where they are, but I still find it amusing to see a woman with a Louis Vuitton purse (knock off???) flashing a food stamp card.  She could have recently lost her job - so no judging. However - I have learned over time that when money is scarce, shopping is real therapy.

The fact that you could buy that thing for $20 meant you had the $20. Ignoring the fact that that $20 may mean the difference between dinner tonight or going to bed hungry - many who are BROKE seem to feel that buying ANYTHING in that moment, just like the AHHHHH of that initial snort of drugs - life is fine. Reality can come later - but for just this moment, all is fine in the world.

If this is you, please see a Therapist!  This course may have you nodding your head on an intellectual level, but without real Therapy, you will not be able to bring the carving knife to your spending plan and to your lifestyle. By the way - shaving your expenses, doing without, waiting to get, shopping consignment, eating a bit of humble-pie and asking for help, eating Ramen Noodles one night per week; maybe worth doing to help you achieve your goal, but if you go there, make this a TEMPORARY STRATEGY along this journey.