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The Financial Ghosts

Is Being Debt-Free Realistic? Yes! Yes, it is - but it is not practical. Not if you live in a developed country, and certainly not if you plan to live on the grid.

Becoming debt-free is very doable but after you are, it may make sense to treat your credit card as a record keeper for your transactions. Meaning - you have the money for the bill (per your spending plan) but you use the credit card to make the recorded purchase (your tax accountant will thank you); then pay the debt in full at the end of the month if you wish.

The Financial Ghost

The financial ghost is my definition for the person who has no financial history or has dropped off the financial grid after having a history.

FYI, Your FICO score will grind to a halt if you do not have credit activity in a 6-month window. You will continue to have a Vantage Score though.

Those who intentionally want to live off the grid - then being 100% debt free is required.

If you intend to continue to interact with the rest of society and the world, then being debt free is not practical. Even if you do not need any credit card for any reason, use it anyway. Charge your cable bill and then pay it off 100% if you must.  It stands to reason that one day - you may need to replace your car, home or some big-ticket item and not having a loan-worthy credit score is financial sabotage.

In my opinion, tt is always better to have it and not use it than need it and can't get it.

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