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You are HERE! Where is HERE?

Like a GPS - you must acknowledge where you are for the best route to be determined for where you want to go.

Money is an OUTCOME, a result. Knowing how you got the outcome you have may reveal clues to changing your future outcome - just like how the GPS will re-route you. Manipulate the stewardship equation to create your abundance, your more.

Consider this as the one-time yucky medicine you have to take to heal. Yeah, your tasks that follow will not be pleasant, but I guarantee they are necessary. If you are not prepared to do the following tasks, you may as well stop this course right now and ask for a refund.

If you are prepared to undergo this financial surgical procedure - then consider this step your surgical preparation, complete with the butt exposing surgical gown.

Check your (Vantage) credit score for FREE at  (I like WalletHub better than Credit Karma, but feel free to use them too) Don't worry! I will not know your status unless you want me to.

So, where are you with your finances? Complete this form. PRINT it for your records to compare with later. DO NOT HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON unless you intend to connect with me in a scheduled strategy session.