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There are many CPR instructors that could create competition for you.


I say could, not will - as many CPR Instructors do not run their training as a business. Over the years I have had to do crisis/last minute classes for instructors who agree to do a class for a friend, then forget their training commitment, or - because they do it around their job, have to cancel at the last minute due to overtime or not being able to get off work early enough to keep the class time agreed.

One thing you should be aware of in your community is the general price for CPR. Pricing will be a competitive area because the average person believes they are comparing 'apples to apples', lumping all CPR training into the same bucket. Obviously, you may take more care or pride in teaching an effective class than others, but your student will not know that unless they have had multiple CPR class experiences. Most won't care either. The average student is in your class because they have to take CPR, not because they want to. That being said, they are not as eager to pay more even if your service is better, because they won't take your word for it that it is better.

PRO TIP! Remember, CPR expires every 2 calendar years. If you do a good job with your training, you may just be able to influence your students to choose to call you for their renewal and even pass your name along.

Please do not worry about the number of CPR Instructors in your space. You just build your business and treat it as a real business that can truly contribute a significant side income to supplement your lifestyle.

Now, many ask me if CPR can become their full-time income. To be honest, I have not yet met that person. Maybe it is the crowd I hang with, but the lifestyle I live requires a higher income coming in that CPR is known to provide.