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What is a Training Center

Because this course is generic so as to serve the CPR Instructor Community, please refer to your instructor manual for the CPR curriculum you teach for more specific information.

A Training Center (TC) is responsible for making training material and equipment available, setting policy and pricing, and distributing training cards to successful students. A Training Center will have a TC Director. Most CPR curriculum requires their instructors to be attached to a Training Center

If you establish your own Training Center to run your CPR business, then you will have your own login access to your curriculum board for support and training card purchase and distribution. 

Unfortunately, there are some Centers that operate without integrity and sell CPR certification cards without offering any training. There are also some centers that collect student money, offer them the training, but never issue their cards. This and many other scams exist. Please note, most curriculum Boards have audit possibilities to ensure the integrity of card inventory with actual training offered

In some cases, instructors get certified as a result of their corporate job paying for and commissioning them as in-house instructors. That corporation is also likely to be their assigned Training Center. Unless your job specifically prohibits you from serving the public in a private capacity, your credentials as an instructor mean you could have a thriving side-income teaching CPR to your own students.  If there are no policies prohibiting you to teach your own students privately, please confirm with your TC Director if they will agree to be your TC for these private training, OR, if you need to establish your own for accounting/audit purposes. If you need to establish your own Training Center, then contact your curriculum board for the details on that process.

If you become a CPR instructor as a result of training with us:

this course is required to help you establish your own Training Center within 6 months or less of training with us. Our Training Center is not adding to our instructor roster, however, we do understand it may take a while for you to get your business established, so we will be your Training Center on a temporary basis and you will be subject to our policies and prices during that time if you do create a teaching opportunity for yourself.